Ardwick Central School

1932 - 1938

Mr. Mercer's replacement , who took up his appointment on August 22, 1932, was Mr. William Edward Peake. He came to Ardwick after a 4 year appointment as Headmaster at Blackley Central School. He had a great interest in games having himself played professional football for Bury and Sheffield United. At this time the school travelled to Debdale Park to play football and tennis.

In September 1933 Mr. J. N. Slater began a 29 year period of service. Miss L. Welborn joined in October 1933 and she stayed with the school for 28 years.

The building was 40 years old in 1937 and was already described as "old fashioned but commodious premises". A handicraft centre had been established in the basement.

At the request of the Authority, Mr. Peake produced a summary of occupations to which Ardwick boys and girls went on leaving between 1933 - 1937


 Clerical Work
 Civil and Municipal Services
 Warehouses and Stores
 Engineering Trades
 Other Trades
 Navy and Royal Airforce
 Continuing Education

It is noted that there were no school dinners at this time but between 25 and 40 boys and girls stayed at school to eat their own food, in separate dining rooms. In 1938 an ice cream and chestnut vendor appeared regularly outside the school. However Mr. Peake called for police intervention when he discovered that the vendor was selling raffle tickets on a watch.

School closed early on August 28, 1938 to facilitate the distribution of gas masks and in October, Mr. Ainley, Air Raid Precautions Officer, visited the school to discuss the school's plans. "The school community braced itself to face many problems, and a new chapter in the history of the school was about to begin."