Form 4C - 1953 - 1954 - Miss Lord

The reason the class was co-ed was because towards the end of the third year, choices had to be made as to our individual career paths, resulting in being split up from most of our fellow-pupils of the previous three years as we entered a different phase of our education. Form 4C concentrated on 'Commercial' subjects like shorthand and typing and book-keeping and presumably the boys would be hoping to go into journalism or accountancy. I think other classes were domestic science and woodwork/metalwork etc (which in those days would most certainly have been single sex). I think a class with the letter A after the number was for those who were probably hoping for higher education and covered the more advanced mathematic/scientific subjects and was also co-ed. I don't know what the 'A' stood for but could have been for Advanced or Academic I suppose." Gina Hutchinson (Tonroe)

The image above was generously donated
by Ann Howard (Smith) and Gina Hutchinson (Tonroe)