Ørestad School and Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

Krohn Hartvig Rasmussen
Date Built
Completed 2012
Ørestads Boulevard
This building on the corner of Ørestads Boulevard and Arne Jacobsenns Allé is a new addition to the Ørestad community.  The mixed-use building is, by its own account, home to " ... a combined public and school library" with the library being, " ...  situated on both the ground and first floor of Ørestad School." the other occupant of the building.  The library goes on to add that, "In addition to creating a cultural hub in Ørestad through information, education and cultural activities, the vision behind Ørestad Library is to provide the neighbourhood with a space for the creation of identity, life and social existence in cooperation with the citizens living in Ørestad. While the library's goal is to serve the school, institutions and workplaces, it is just as much to serve the citizens of Ørestad and residents of the villa areas east of Ørestad. With a lot more than books we would like to create the third neighbourhood setting – i.e. a house belonging to the citizens."

The architects compare the building to an "inspiring medieval town" in that it has, " .... hanging gardens, bay windows and small piazzas like any inspiring medieval town. Visitors are invited to explore a myriad of small alleys and terraces on the outside of the building, which is made public by a stairway running from the bottom to the top floor.  ...   A multitude of meeting places outside and inside ensures the building’s status as Ørestad’s new social and cultural focal point, where people in all ages and from all backgrounds can meet. Inside a large stairway connects the school with the library in the ground floor and creates a dynamic exchange between the two institutions. The stairs run through the eight floors of the school and connects a sequence of overlapping rooms of different size, décor, inflow of light and orientation."