Nørreport Train Station, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date Built
2015 - refurbished station
Norre Voldgade
Norreport station is normally the busiest station in Denmark with over a quarter of a million passengers passing through it every day.  In 2013 it is undergoing a major refurbishment.  The Nynorreport.dk website explains that, "For hundreds of years, Nørreport has been one of the key transport hubs of Copenhagen and an important entrance to the city.  Nørreport is now being prepared to meet future needs.  'Nynørreport'  – New Nørreport - is the collective name of the three projects which will be completed at Nørreport Station from 2011 to 2014.  The long-distance platform is to be renovated, air quality will be improved, underground concrete structures are to be renovated and finally, a new station concourse is to be created."

Since the station is below ground, much of this work would go unnoticed were it not for the refurbishment of the street level entrances and the areas designated for bicycle storage. The project architects say that,
" ... the project is conceived as a series of rounded, floating roofs covering transparent glass pavilions. All station facilities will be visible and easily accessible and the station will appear like an open and welcoming public space. ...

... Celebrating Copenhagen’s status as the world’s best bicycle city, all bicycle parking will be a visible element in the urban space. In order to create a clear hierarchy between the area for bicycles and the area for flow, all bicycle parking is placed 40cm below surface. As the flower beds in a park, the lowered bicycle parking areas are perceived as small pockets of space where you comfortably can park your bike before moving on. The lowered bicycle areas will create a clear hierarchy between the area for bicycles and the area for city life and give a visual clarity when you look at the urban plaza. The eleven ventilation towers of the underground train station provide fresh air to the platforms. These towers will co-function as lightning on the plaza and as digital guiding systems with fully integrated LED screens for information about train departures, cultural events, advertisement etc."