Inderhavnsbroen - "Kissing Bridge", Copenhagen, Denmark

Studio Bednarski
Date Built
Completion 2014
Copenhagen Inner Harbour
This is the latest bridge to be built in Copenhagen's Inner Harbour.  It is designed to carry cyclists and pedestrians across the waterway into Christianshavn and offers an unusual solution to the necessity for it to open when ships need to pass by.  Generally this is achieved by building a swing bridge or a bascule bridge, but in this case the solution involves two bridge decks that can slide out from either side to meet, or kiss, in the middle.  The jury that chose this design said that it offered, "... a compelling overall concept and an attractive design that will help form the identity of the site in the future. This horizontal span into the harbour space is beautifully conceived and magical in use. The bridge forms a horizontal movement that is both figuratively and physically dependent on the use of the bridge and on the perceptions of its beholders, a movement that strengthens identification of the horizontal aspect of the harbour space as it is today."

The architect was chosen from a field of 10 which included Zaha Hadid, Arup, 3XN, and Henning Larsen.  Their website says of the project that, "... The bridge links Nyhavn with a route leading to the new Opera House. The opening part utilises a unique sliding mechanism - two large sculptural cantilevers move between visually and structurally subservient fixed decks. When the bridge is open people can stand on viewing platforms at the edge of the navigation channel - a unique experience on an opening bridge.