Horizon House, Bristol, UK

Alec French
Date Built
Deanery Road
Horizon House, on Deanery Road behind Bristol's City Hall, is home to the Environment Agency, which is quite appropriate since the building achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent and a score of 85.06%.  The developer says that, "The high BREEAM target score set by Westmark was pivotal in securing the Environment Agency as a prestigious and long term tenant. It also gives the tenant the opportunity to reduce running costs, the extent of this being determined by how they choose to use the building services incorporated into the design."

The architect's website explains that, "... the office space is predominantly open plan around a 5 storey atrium providing natural and mixed mode ventilation. Renewable energy systems include ground sourced heat pumps, solar thermal and photovoltaic arrays. The Bath stone and bronze panelled Deanery Road fa├žade features a structural stained glass entrance pavilion by the artist Kate Maestri."