Gulating Appeal Court, Bergen, Norway

Terje Grønmo Architects
Date Built
This building, located next door to the tower block of Bergen City Hall, is the Gulating Appeal Court, the second largest such court in Norway.  34 judges preside over cases presented here.  The competition for the design of the building was announced in 2003 and the winning design was the one presented by Terje Grønmo Architects.  The site was cleared by 2005, but the project was delayed waiting for the funding,  Construction didn't get underway for four more years.  The court moved into the building in August of 2011. 

In 2013 it won the Facade Prize organized by the Bergen newspaper, Bergen Association of Architects and the Design Region Bergen.  The jury said that, "This building has a nice, quiet facade that opens up the inside of the building, while the architecture illuminates the public square outside. We need this type of construction of high quality that will stand for generations. The building is a natural transition from City Hall. The space outside has become a good place to hang while building exudes clout and credibility.”

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