Gagosian Gallery, London

Tate Hindle + Caruso St John (Interiors)  + BDP (Landscaping)
Date Built
2012 - 2015
20 Grosvenor Hill, Mayfair
This building is infact a restructuring of an existing 1960 brutalist office building.  Caruso St John says that, "... What the project did was to demolish the structure of the office building back to the perimeter columns and some of the original roof beams, took out the floor, stiffened the structure to make this space."  The end result is an 18,000 square foot art gallery in the podium above which rises a residential tower.  Beneath the building is an underground car park.

An article on the RIBA website explains that, "... The external form is simple and sets up a clear contrast to the surrounding buildings. The building’s envelope is brought to life with a carefully textured skin of handmade Roman bricks. The bricks are elongated and flatter than standard stock, which gives a textured look and feel to the facade. Dependent on the level of daylight, the brickwork has a unique ephemeral appearance through the play of light, shadow and texture. This and a composition of oversized windows and doors reinvigorates the streets. ... Internally the gallery detailing reduces the spaces to a very rare pure environment of white walls, the only detail being a very clever and complex lighting system. The space is brought to life with a beautiful fumed, end-grain oak block floor."

In nearby Bourdon Place a group of sculptures by Neal French reflects on the fact that the photographer Terence Donovan once lived nearby.  The figure with the camera is Donovan and the woman posing is Twiggy.  The third figure at the end of the street, with the Gogosian Galley as the backdrop, is a shopper who accidently came across the shoot and paused to watch.