The Crystal, Copenhagen, Denmark

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Date Built
Kalvebod Brygge & Puggaardsgade
The Crystal is a new building close to Copenhagen's inner harbour and the Langebro bridge, which crosses the waterway connecting the city centre to Christianshavn.  It is an extension to the existing Nykredit Head Office building on the same site.  The architects describe the building as, " ... a transparent, geometrical, glazed form which, resting only on a single point and a single line, floats as a visually light, crystalline structure above the plaza. ...

... The interior of the building is constrained by the demands of functionality, flexibility and efficiency. The typical floor plan is disposed in a Z-shape around two atria, which ensures that all workstations are well lit and enjoy a view. ...

 ... The building’s multi-faceted glass façade reflects both daylight and the immediate surroundings, but the double-glazing also features an integrated sun screen that allows the building to adapt to changing light conditions. In addition, the outer glazing system includes a subtle silk print design that both mitigates solar ingress and will also enliven the ambience of the harbour area."

The roof of the building is covered with photovoltaic panels that generate 80,000 kWh per year.  Below on the piazza is a pool of water that reflects the movements of the clouds and sun as well as the adjoining buildings.