Bella Sky, Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date Built
Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5, 2300 København S
This striking hotel building, in the Orestad area of Copenhagen, rises 75 metres above the Bella Convention Centre.  The website describes it as, "... Scandinavia's biggest and most slanted hotel" since it is made up of two tower blocks that lean out in opposite directs from a common base at an angle of 15 degrees.  The DAC website describes them as "dancing cheek to cheek" but in fact this was the architect's solution for avoiding one tower obscuring the view of the other.  The hotel says that, " ... With its 23 floors, 812 designer rooms and 28 flexible meeting and conference rooms, the hotel is not only the largest hotel in Scandinavia – it is also the most aesthetically attractive."

To add to the unusual orientation of the building the architects gave it an eye-catching glass and aluminium facade with a pattern of white, black and blue geometric elements. 

The towers are connected at the twenty-third floor level by a bridge and on that level there is also a hotel sky bar that offers patrons a stunning view of the surrounding area and the city centre in the distance.