5 Broadgate, London

Make Architects
Date Built
Broadgate Circus
This monolythic building that looms over Broadgate Circle is the London HQ of the Swiss Bank UBS.  It houses 6000 employees and accommodates 4 immense trading floors.  The www.broadgate.co.uk website says that the idea for its design came from the concept of it being a, ".... perfectly cast engine of finance. Extending the metaphor, the windows, courtyards and terraces are carved out of the beautifully-machined block just where they’re needed, helping to make 5 Broadgate one of the world’s greenest buildings, with 65% lower carbon emissions than the previous two buildings on this site."  The architects add that, "... The main facade is primarily constructed from stainless steel, which unifies the surface, establishes a strong presence, and reflects its bespoke nature and single occupier. .... Inside, an ultra-rational arrangement of the structure and cores provides four large trading floors that can accommodate up to 3,000 desks, plus seven levels of offices."