V Building, Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date Built
Completed 2005
├śrestads Boulevard 57-59, ├śrestad
The V Building is one part of a residential complex in Orestad known as the VM Building, a name that comes from the profile of two adjacent blocks, one shaped as a letter M and this one shaped as a V.  The Danish Architecture Centre website says that, " ... The innovative design of the VM buildings makes room for individuality. The V-shaped building has 40 different types of apartments, the M-shaped building has 36, and most are on several levels. ... Like tetris blocks, the apartments intersect in a way that creates architectural surprises but also makes furnishing them a challenge." 

The architects say that, "The V-house is lifted to create a permeable block with a semi-private public court for the residences. The pedestrian landscaping flows from the street, under the V-house and into the courtyard forming a spatial unity and sense of community between the two buildings. The courtyard also accommodates a play area for the kindergarten in the base of the M-house, along with an interactive learning area beneath the V-house."

The V theme is also apparent in the triangular balconies that give the building a startling appearance.