Øresund Bridge, between Denmark and Sweden

Date Built
Spanning the Øresund between Denmark and Sweden
The Øresund Bridge spans the Øresund from Denmark to Sweden carrying a double-track railway and a dual-carriageway road.  This fixed crossing involves a 4 km long tunnel from the Danish island of Amager to the artificial island of Peberholm which links to the 7.8 km long bridge. 

It conveys the E20 international road and the Øresund Line railway.  Apparently, the reason they opted for this combination of tunnel and bridge was, " ... to avoid interfering with air traffic from the nearby Copenhagen International Airport, to provide a clear channel for ships in good weather or bad, and to prevent ice floes from blocking the strait."

The bridge component of the link is made up of three sections.  The Western Approach Bridge is 3,014 metres long leading up the high bridge from the artificial island of Peberholm. 

In the centre is the high bridge, a 1,092 metre long cable-stayed bridge that provides a 57 metre navigational clearance over the Flint channel.

Finally, the 3,793 metre long Eastern Approach Bridge that leads down off the high bridge to the Swedish coast at Lemacken.