Ørestad Gymnasium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date Built
Ørestad Boulevard
The Ørestad Gymnasium occupies a site beside Ørestad Boulevard close to the Metro station and next door to the Ørestad Bibliotek.  It is an upper secondary school that claims to be, " ... the first of its kind in Denmark to equal architecturally the new visions of content, organization and learning systems."  The building contains one large open space dominated by a curving staircase that provides access to the various classrooms and lounges.  The school says that, " ... Flexibility and openness are key words for the new building, which has open rooms, subject zones, and niches for creativity and concentration."

The architects, 3XN, emphasize the fact that the building design was infuenced by the vision for education in Denmark that was set out in the reform of High School education in 2005.  They point out that, "The college is interconnected vertically and horizontally. Four boomerang shaped floor plans are rotated to create the powerful super structure which forms the overall frame of the building – simple and highly flexible. ....  The rotation opens a part of each floor to the vertical tall central atrium and forms a zone that provides community and expresses the college’s ambition for interdisciplinary education."

Below is a short video about the school from the denmark.dk website.