The Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark

Henning Larsen Architects
Date Built
Completed 2004
Copenhagen Inner Harbour
The Copenhagen Opera House occupies a waterside location in Christianshavn within Copenhagen's inner harbour.  The building is home to two halls: the Large Auditorium with a horseshoe configuration and seating capacity of 1,800 and the Royal Danish Theatre a stage for experimental theatre with a 200 seat capacity.

The architects say of the building that, "The wooden shell that embraces the Large Auditorium – visible all the way from the harbour space through the glass façade – lies like a smooth and golden conch in the foyer with its stairs and light footbridges dynamically connected to the balconies that run alongside the façade of the structure. From up here, the audience of the Opera is provided with views of the entire foyer as well as a 180° panoramic view spanning from the harbour fairway towards Knippelsbro and across the city centre turrets and spires to the view out of the harbour towards Øresund to the north. ....   The arrival plaza is framed by the 32m long floating roof eaves the size of three solid football fields. The roof structure copies the technique applied for an airplane wing, which in order to 'float' must possess a comparatively small structural depth and an extensive span. As a result of this particular roof design, the Opera received The IABSE Outstanding Structure Award in 2008."