Nordea Bank Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark

Henning Larsen
Date Built
The headquarters of Nordea occupies a site in Copenhagen's inner harbour in Christianshavn across the waterway from the Royal Library.  The site is a former shipyard.  The architect's website says that the site involves, "The interaction between the exquisite baroque church, the church garden, the city to the east and the harbour entrance to the west..."

The complex is made up of four rectangular buildings that run back from the harbour and a U-shaped building bordering Strandgarde.  "The building complex is entered from Strandgade through an impressive gateway to an interior courtyard. It leads into a five-storey lobby containing the reception area and space for various events"

"The buildings are linked by intermediate buildings and footbridges. ...

... Some of the latter also connect the new headquarters to the existing offices. ...

... The complex contains 20 per cent individual offices and 80 per cent open-plan offices. The canteen runs over three storeys with a triplehigh room facing the harbour."