Green Bridge, Mile End Park, London

Piers Gough of CZWG
Date Built
Mile End Road
The Lonely Planet Guide describes the 36 hectare Mile End Park as, "... a long, narrow series of interconnected green spaces wedged between Burdett and Grove Rds and Regent’s Canal. Landscaped to great effect during the millennium year, it incorporates a go-kart track, a children’s centre, areas for public art, an ecology area, an indoor climbing wall and a sports stadium."  The shortcoming of the park was that it was divided into a series of small areas by roads and railways that cut through it.  The solution, funded by the Millennium Commission, was the Green Bridge that carries the park over the Mile End Road.  The bridge allows for the footpath and associated greenery to continue uninterrupted.  Apparently, the bridge is also know affectionately as the banana bridge because of its curving profile and the fact that it is in fact yellow.

On either side of the road are retail outlets occupying a matching pair of green tile clad curved buildings.  When I took these images in June of 2014, these buildings were home to restaurants and a grocery store.