Graduate Centre, London Metropolitan University

Daniel Libeskind
Date Built
Holloway Road
Ten years after the completion of this building on London's Holloway Road, the architect returned to the university to give a public lecture in the Graduate Centre.  On that occasion Dean of Architecture and Spatial Design, Prof. Robert Mull, shared a joke about an incident during the building works when a member of public called the police to report a “building collapsing on Holloway Road.  It took a little explaining to convince them that it was just the design which represents the constellation of Orion”, he said.  Today the university regards Libeskind's creation as, "... very much a jewel in London Met's crown and without a doubt the most iconic landmark on Holloway Road."

Libeskind's website explains that the building is, "... Composed of three intersecting volumes, .....

.... clad with embossed stainless steel panels for a shining and ever-changing surface, ....

... the Graduate Center houses a lecture theater, seminar rooms, staff offices and a café for the university’s graduate students. The interiors are filled with natural light by way of large windows of geometrical cuts and slashes. The Centre serves not only as a facility to enhance the staff and student experience, but acts as a major gateway to the University on Holloway Road."

In February of 2004 Jonathan Glancey, writing in the Guardian, said of the building that, “At £3m all in, this is not an expensive building. What it has that distinguishes it from what a client might ordinarily expect for that money is great presence… When you visit the area, you immediately realise that Libeskind’s explosive building acts not only as a junction box for the university but as a landmark for the entire street."

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