Nordic Embassies - Rauchstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Berger + Parkkinen
Date Built
Klingelhoferstrasse & Rauchstrasse
At the corner of Klingelhoferstrasse and Stulerstrasse, at the southern edge of the Tiergarten, stands an undulating green louvered wall.  It is the outer skin of a unique embassy complex that is home to the various nations of the Nordic Region.  The Embassies of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark occupy small buildings on the site that are enclosed within a copper band that is 230 metres long.  It consists of 4,000 pre-patinated lamellas giving the building its louvered appearance.

Within the complex is a shared space, withiin a building called the "Felleshus" or "house for all".  It is made of exposed concrete but maple wood is used to add warmth to the atmosphere and Swedish marble is used on the floors.

To symbolize the ocean that connects all the Nordic Countries a shallow rectangular pool cuts through the complex piercing the outer copper wall in two places.

The architect adds that, "All five embassies reflect in the water. Above the water the copper band is lightly cut out to allow passers-by some glimpses into the complex without giving access to the building."