Ludwig Erhaud Haus - Fasanenstrasse, Berlin Germany

Nicholas Grimshaw
Date Built
1994 -1998
The Ludwig Erhard Haus has been nicknamed "The Armadillo" because of its unusual shape.  It was designed to house the Berlin Stock Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce and the local Federation of Industrialists.

The Nicholas Grimshaw website says that, "The brief also called for lettable office space, a conference centre and catering facilities and the client stipulated that the entire project be self-financing."  They add that, "A further condition was to achieve low energy consumption, low running costs and low levels of pollutant emissions." ..... "The building’s public functions are arranged along a gently curving inner street so that the building engages with the city.

All the upper floors are suspended from 15 elliptical arches giving the greatest flexibility possible both for use and servicing. Office accommodation is organised around a pair of three-sided atria, bringing daylight to the heart of the deep plan."

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