Gallerie Lafayette - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Jean Nouvel
Date Built
Opened in 1996
The Belin branch of Gallerie Lafeyette.  The building integrates a department store, offices, housing, and a car park. It features two big mirrored inverted cones. 

Jean Nouvel on his website says this about the building, "The passer-by should feel called out-to on the pavement.  The shop, itself a public interior space, should extend the public exterior space of Friedrichstrasse. ....... The dematerialisation of the corner allows motorists or pedestrians to see cones of light, of which the larger one quivers, vibrates, flashing rays of colors.  The reading of the structure of the spaces on different levels is simple.  It allows each person to know at any given moment where they are and where they are going."

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