Liget Centre, Budapest, Hungary

Lajos Gádoros, Imre Perényi, Gábor Preisich, György Szrogh (1948-1950);
Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects (1999-2002)
Date Built
built 1948 - 50 - refurbished 1999 - 2002
Dózsa György Street
This office building on Dózsa György Street, across from the Városliget Park, started life in the 1940s as home to The National Union of Hungarian Builders (MÉMOSZ).  After the union left the building, it was sold and the Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat was commissioned to refurbish it and create new rental office space. It was during the design stage of this process that it was listed as a national monument with a view to ensuring that its original modernist qualities were protected. 

The building is made up of three elements: a long slender office block along Dózsa György Street, a rectangular block on Városligeti Fasor that contains a 250-seat auditorium (formerly the union congress hall), and a third block (the neckpiece) that connects the two.  The architect's website says that, "The office wing has a new glazed climate facade and raised floors to increase flexibility within the offices and accommodate new mechanical services. The neckpiece contains open plan offices and reception functions. Refurbishment of the auditorium and development of a new media plaza will take place in a second phase, creating a contemporary environment fully equipped for 21st century information exchange technology, within this rejuvenated modernist monument."

A mural carved out of the concrete of the congress hall block reveals the building's original connection to the building trade.