Graybrook House, Westminster, London

Sit John Burnet & Partners
Date Built
Haunch of Venison Yard, Westminster
This Grade II Listed building on Brook Street in London started life as a showroom with practice rooms and offices for the piano manufacturer Bechstein.  The L-shaped building has a steel frame, brown stock brick walls and is clad in Portland stone.  The listing comments indicate that, "... The building's principal interest lies in the Art Deco (or Moderne) treatment of the facades, which have reeded and fluted (or corrugated) panels in the stonework especially on the corner elevation and at the top of the building where there is a double set-back. The elevations feature deeply set-back elongated metal-framed windows with low metal balustrades. Perhaps the single most striking feature is an octagonal, eye-like window surrounded by a ribbon-like metal reeding at first-floor level on the corner elevation."

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