Atkinson's Perfume Shop (Former), Old Bond Street, London

E Vincent Harris
Date Built
Old Bond Street, London
The ground floor of this exotic building, on Old Bond Street in London, is occupied by Salvatore Ferragamo, a brand made famous in the 1920s as the shoemaker to Hollywood stars and now offering luxury items ranging from pure silk ties and leather footwear to classic signature scents.

The building was designed by E Vincent Harris for James Atkinson who manufactured toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances in his factory on Southwark Park Road in Southwest London and sold them to his exclusive customers, who frequented Old Bond Street.

The beautifully decorated building is topped by a spire that contains a carillon of 23 bells cast by Gillett and Johnson, who have been manufacturing clocks and bells since 1844 and are still going strong.  The "Ringing World" website says the bells are, " ... of very fine tone, and are a pleasure to listen to in the street, where they can be heard very clearly."

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