Stockport Road

The Slaters Manchester & Salford Directory for 1895 shows 41 entries for this stretch of road.  It seems likely that many of the buildings were private residencies.  We have a professor of music, 4 travelling drapers, 5 householders, 2 surgeons, 3 agents, a tea merchant, a corn merchant, and a dentist.  There were some shops including a newsagent, a butcher, a baker, and a confectioner.  There was also a school.  The details of the directory entries can be seen below.

Notice that there is no Daisy Mill on the map above.

Below is a list of the occupants in the buildings along this section of Stockport Road in 1895.
The information is shown here with the consent of the Historical Directories website

- West Side -

- East Side -

On the right is the Weslyan Chapel and the Daisy Mill is clearly absent.