Stockport Road

- Richmond Grove to Kirkmanshulme Lane -

The Slaters Manchester & Salford Directory for 1895 shows 58 entries for this stretch of the road and 42 different occupations were represented.  There were 4 butchers, 4 grocers, 3 bootmakers, 3 beer retailers, 3 drapers, 3 tobacconists, 2 greengrocers, 2 chemists, and 2 confectioners.  There was also an undertaker, a mill manager, a surgeon, a bank, a public hall, a free ibrary and a fire station.  The directory entry can be seen below the map.

Below is a list of the occupants in the buildings along this section of Stockport Road in 1895.  The information is shown here with the consent of the Historical Directories website

- West Side -

- East Side -

This photograph of the Ivy chapel includes the Fire Station light.

The Longsight Free Christian Church at the corner of Birch Lane