Stockport Road

- Kirkmanshulme Lane to Stanley Grove -

In this last section of Stockport Road before it enters Levenshulme, the Slaters Manchester & Salford Directory for 1895 shows only 40 entries but the diversity of occupations is still prevalent.  Within the 40 entries there are 30 different occupations.  There is a grocer, a tobaccconist, a stationer, a dressmaker and a tripe dresser but, reflecting local industrial activity there are 2 brickmakers (obviously working at Jackson's), an engine driver, a driller, a tram driver, and even a farmer.  Gore Brook came out into the open after a considerable subterranean journey and the main railway line into Manchester's London Road Station crosses the road.  The complete directory entry can be seen below the map.

Below is a list of the occupants in the buildings along this section of Stockport Road in 1895.
The information is shown here with the consent of the Historical Directories website

- West Side -

- East Side -

Above:  The corner of Stanley Grove looking south.
Below: Looking north towards Stanley Grove.

The view down Stockport Road from the Slade Lane junction.

The shops at the point where Stockport Road meets Slade Lane.