The Eastern Half of Victoria Park

In the second half of the 1800s when Victoria Park was planned and developed, it fell almost entirely within the township of Rusholme. Today, the western half of the park is represented on the Manchester City Council by the 3 councillors for Longsight. Once the building tie was broken in the park, further development, specifically the building of terraced housing, followed soon after and it was in the south-east area particularly that this happened. As you can see from the aerial photograph below, the familiar grid-iron pattern of terraced houses was the model followed by the developers of this land. However, unlike the 2-up 2-down cottages of the area between Stockport Road and the railway, the terraced housing in Victoria Park was somewhat more selubrious.

The eastern half of the park included some of the larger, original homes and other structures dating back to the last century and the early years of the 20th century.  A n umber of the buildings have been located on the aerial photograph below.  For information on any of them, click on the corresponding number in the table below.


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