Holt Street

Holt Street ran west from New Bank Street, crossed Morton Street, Victoria Street and ended at Earl Street. At the New Bank Street end was the railway wall and at the Earl Street end sat Midgley's, the butcher shop. Holt Street was an unusual street because for at least half of its length there were no houses actually opening onto the street. Only in the section from New Bank Street to Morton Street can you say that people lived on Holt Street. In this section of the street 13 families had their home. 

Below:  Holt Street from Morton Street to Earl Street

#1: George and Winnie Bradley and their son Alan and daughter Anita.   #3: Mrs. Parkinson  #5: Charlie Stretch 
#7: Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge, daughter Beryl and son Billy. Then the Boardmans, Harry and Maggie, daughter Shirley and son David.   # 9: Mrs. Valentine with her son and daughter. Then Fred and Irene Dillnut with daughter Lynda and son Graham.  #11: Kate Hyde
#14. Mrs Goeghan and son Jimmy. #12: Mr. and Mrs. Vickers with son Billy and daughters Rosie and Maureen. #10: Mrs. Metcalf then Gordon and Lily Galloway, son Gordon, daughter Pamela.
# 8: Mr. and Mrs. Ryan with sons Terry, Tony and daughter Irene  #6: Mr. and Mrs. Alcroft with son Thomas.  #4 Mr. and Mrs. Harrison with son Albert, and two daughters, one called Rita. 
#2: Mrs. Geoghan and her son James        

Holt Street Families

The Boardman's - Number 7

Margaret and Harry Boardman - 1944
Shirley Boardman
David Boardman

The Dillnut's - Number 9

Lynda, Graham and Fred Dillnut circa: 1955
Irene and Graham Dillnut 

The Harrison's - Number 4

Far left - Mrs Harrison
Bert Harrison - 2000

The Galloway's - Number 10

Gordon and Lily Galloway
August 2001
Middle of the back row Gordon Galloway Jnr. On the right of the front row Pamela Galloway. Circa: 1958


The photographs on this page are shown with the permission of Bert & Ann Harrison, Lynda Lynch, Lily & Gordon Galloway, Terry Mellor and Alan Beasley.