Earl Street 

1. Yate's Shirt Factory  2. The Fox Pub  3. Bibby's Grocery 
4. Midgley's Butchers  5. Earl Street Mission  6. Richmond Grove
7. Stirling Castle Pub 8. Duton's Mini Chippy  9. Dutton's Chippy  
10. Wash-House     

The Northeastern section of Longsight, prior to the redevelopment of the late 1960s - early 1970s, was made up of mostly terraced housing arranged along streets which ran roughly north-south and east-west. New Bank, Morton, Victoria and South Streets ran north to south for the full length of the area and they were intersected by shorter streets running east west.

Earl Street started at the junction with Grey Street in the North and ran across Graham St., Amy St., Ducie St., Myrtle St., Marlow St., Ogilvie St., Wilson St., Sefton St., Holt St., Richmond Grove, Bent St, and Park Avenue until ending at Lime Grove.

Points of Interest
Yate's Shirt Factory
The Sand Park
The Clarence Inn
Midgley's Butchers
The Fox Pub 
The Earl Street Mission 

Other Earl Street Features
The Star Pub, Platts Newsagents (later Eyres), Hunt's Green Grocers, Bibby's Grocery.

Earl Street Families
83 - The Star pub 101 - Marion Burns 
85 - Platts papershop later Eyre's  103 - Mr. Mrs. Greenhalgh and Pamela
87 - Mr & Mrs Carroll  105 - Mr & Mrs Jackson & Pauline 
89 - Mr & Mrs Pringle & Barbara  107 - Mr & Mrs Birch, later Mrs Harris 
91 - Doreen's Drapers shop  109 - Mr & Mrs Storey later
          Mr & Mrs Robertson & Ann 
93 - Mr & Mrs Bagshaw  113 - Thelfall's Grocers later Margaret's
97 - Mr & Mrs Hayes, Stanley & Pauline  115 - Mr & Mrs Vernon & Eric
99 - Mr & Mrs Bradbury, Maureen &   
119 - Healys shop (sold paraffin). 

Former residents of the west side of Earl Street between Dillon Street and Marlow Street:

Mr & Mrs Haycock with Stephen and Pamela,
Mr & Mrs Dixon and Winifred,
Mr & Mrs Taylor and Patricia,
Mr & Mrs Freeman and Pamela,
Mrs Allsop,
Mr & Mrs Twentyman,
Mr & Mrs Hardigan with Maureen and Peter

The Greenhalgh Family - 103 Earl Street
Joe and Frances Greenhalgh -1944
Pamela's grandmother Lillian Johnson 1940 - 1943. With Josephine Burns who lived at 101 Earl St.
Frances Greenhagh & Pauline Jackson 103 - 105 Earl St
 Pamela Greenhalgh - 1958
1959 Pamela (10 year old) at Butlins with her mother beside her. 
1958 - 1959 - Frances Greenhagh,, Evelyn Rhodes, Ann Robertson, Pamela Freeman, Pauline Jackson 

The Carrol Family - 87 Earl Street
Annie and Jack Carroll
Bernard Carroll
Auntie 'Eva' Carroll  b 1891 d  5.10.1981
lived most of her life at 87 Earl St.until she moved to
Stanley Grove Gorton when Earl St was being demolished.
- picture generously donated by Dion Mulvey -
Mary Agnes Carroll (Dolly) b. 01.06.1897 d 22.11.1990
Lived at 87 Earl St for most of her life Once moved to 3 Lamb St Longsight, before moving back to Earl St before it was demolished in the late 1960's
- picture generously donated by Dion Mulvey -
back left Edward and Mary Carroll (nee Cregan) my great grand parents, 
Andy O'Malley( Family Friend)
Right Charlie Mulvey my grandfather.
( children young lad 'Sonny Carroll & Polly)
picture taken outside 87 Earl st around 1930's
- picture generously donated by Dion Mulvey -
Edward 'Ted' Mulvey, Dion Terry & Gary Mulvey with Auntie Eva
(Carroll) taken outside 87 Earl St 1959. 
- picture generously donated by Dion Mulvey -
Terry and Gary Mulvey taken outside 87 Earl St in 1963.
- picture generously donated by Dion Mulvey -