Bertha Street

Bertha Street (B), later Berigan Street, was located not far from Longsight Station. It ran west to east from Morton Street (A) to New Bank Street (C). It was south of Park Avenue and north of Lime Grove.

North Side of the Street South Side of the Street
1. Mr. And Mrs Bulloch with Beryl,
    John and Bill
2. Mr. and Mrs. Almond with Eddie
3. Mr. Sullivan 4. Mrs. Stanley
5. Mrs Connor 6. Mr. and Mrs. Jones with Roy, Eric
    and Grace
7. Mrs. Daniels  8. Mr. and Mrs. Stuckman with Suzanne
9. Mrs. Roberts with Sidney 10.
11. Mr. Fallon with 3 children 12. Mr. and Mrs. Mellings with Robert

Whit Walk down Bertha Street - photograph donated by Bill Bullock