Northwest Longsight

Within this area, bounded on the north and south by Hathersage Road (once High Street) and Dickenson Road, and on the west and east by Anson Road and a combination of Plymouth Grove and Stockport Road, lay the eastern portion of Victoria Park.  Even today, when much has changed in Longsight, the streets seem wider here and the splendid old houses still stand as evidence of grander days when carriages plied tree-lined roads and toll gates kept the riff-raff at bay. 

The toll gates are gone along with the wealthy merchants who built the grand houses. 

However, most of their houses are still there although they are now home to university students, or have been converted into private hospitals and a variety of clinics and small businesses.


Take a Walk Around the Margins of the Area
(click on the links below to see each leg of the walk)

Daisy Bank Road Anson Road Dickenson Road Stockport Road


Within the area you will also find the former St. John's Church, now the Qadria Jilania Islamic Centre, on the corner of Holmfirth Street and St. John's Road.

The Russian Orthodox Church building on Clarence Road.

Also on Clarence Road, St Johnís Voluntary Controlled Church of England school