Longsight Market

When I was a child in Longsight I went to the market every week to buy and trade comics.  I went with my dad and watched with admiration the salesmen flogging crockery and bedding to a gathering crowd.  The market I went to was on Stockport Road north of Grey Street.  Today the Longsight Market is located on Dickenson Road close to the Royal Bank of Scotland which stands on the corner of Stockport Road.

The Manchester City web site describes the Longsight Market very accurately as "Small, friendly and thriving with activity, this busy traditional market is renowned for its personal service and a wide range of quality products.
  This truly cosmopolitan market bristles with an abundance of character and charm, which has made it a focal point for the local community."

Here you can buy everything from meat to trainers, clothes to spices, pots and pans to DVDs.  You can also buy an ice cream from Sivori's out of a van that looks like the one that plied our streets in the 1950s.

The general market is open on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am and 4.30pm, and Saturdays between 9am and 5pm. A second hand market is open on Tuesday between 9am and 4pm.